Tuesday, October 30, 2007

BHS Class of 2000

Inspired by the BHS Class of '99 "modern day yearbook", (http://www.bountifulhigh99.blogspot.com/) we wanted to do the same and get back in touch with our classmates from the BHS Class of 2000. It's easy, just create your own blog on blogspot.com if you don't already have one (it's 100% free and very quick) and then create a link to bountifulhigh2000.blogspot.com. Please leave a comment on the BHS Class of 2000 BLOG with your first and last name (maiden name for girls) and include your blog site address. We'll add your blog and name to the list of classmates. Also, if you keep in contact with anyone from high school that is not on our list of classmates, please let them know about this site by email or telephone so that they too can be apart of our website. Thanks so much.


Randy, Viv and Britton said...

Hey Jocee - Good idea!


Vivien Wade

Erickson said...

Debbie and David Erickson


Debbie Martin


I hope all is well
-Courtney Milne-Fuller

Rob said...

Great work Jocee. This is a good start to work on our 10 YEAR REUNION!!!

If any of you are willing to help with the reunion I'd love to hear about it.

Also, we should talk about what we want to do. By way of explanation, the school board voted to spend our reunion money in 2001 so we'll have to have donations or an entry fee. Thoughts?

-Rob Stark, Mediocre former classmate

Jason, Heather & Daniel said...


Heather Goins

by the way great idea.

Jason, Heather & Daniel said...


Heather Goins

by the way great idea.

The Phillips Fam said...

This will be so fun, I am always wondering what people are up to!


Sarah Gentry

Ryan Mortenson said...

Salutations! My name is Ryan Mortenson. I went to Bountiful High School at the same time. My blog address is www.ryanmortenson.blogspot.com
Carry on the work. Word.

The Lowe's said...

Kellie Adams &
Spencer Lowe


Hailey Sant said...

super cute idea...I like it!
This is our blog address but it's not with blogger? If it works then add us on!


Damon Sant
Hailey Donat

Hailey Sant said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

I work for the Clipper, if there is anything I can do to help get people together, or to know about a reunion via their parents, let me know

Courtney Milne-Fuller

Zach & Jess said...

Wow! what a grest idea.

Jessica (Wing) Tripp

My blog is: zjtripp.blogspot.com

Ashleigh said...

Jocee for class president! Hee Hee!

Cole and Mindy Smith said...

Cole and Mindy Smith


Mindy Miles

Great Idea!!!

Barnes Squad said...

Connie Rector


No need for a reunion now, just kidding.

Jeffrey said...

I would say you are fabulously better than mediocre!

-Jeff Barrick, former classmate who would know

Jared Bethany & Cache said...

Fun Idea. Thanks Jocee


Bethany Wood

Jared Bethany & Cache said...

Fun Idea Jocee.



Bethany Wood

Danny & Morgan said...

Hi Jocee,
Mine is


Thanks for getting this together its fun to see everyone's new families, fun, etc..
Have a great day!

Morgan Wilcoxson (aka Morgan Galloway)

Di said...


Diana England Wettstein

Steve Plowman said...

Thanks for doing this. It is great.


Eric said...

I'm excited to see what everyone is up to...

Eric Crawford

The Uzelac's said...

Jocee, this is brilliant! This is Tia Trevino (that sounds so wierd). I married Ryan Uzelac. and our blog is uzelacfamily.blogspot.com

Rob, The uzelac's are down to help with anything you need for the reunion. We love a good party.

Tia Uzelac

Amber said...

Jocee, I don't know if I did the link right.
love ya, Amber Olson

Tom and Lisa said...

this is great!


Lisa Spuhler

Davis'...things that make us smile said...

Hey this is a great idea. My blog is thedavis3.blogspot.com. Thanks for your work!

Missy Hinds

Emmy said...

Jocee- Good Idea

Emmy and Micah Daines


Emmy Watanabe

Emmy said...

Jocee-Good idea

Emmy and Micah Daines


Emmy Watanabe

Candice and Keith said...

Hey from Texas.

Glad to see old friends here.

Candice Piper


Sharifa and Mohammed said...

Hey everyone....glad to hear from you all. Hope all is well. Here is our very scarce blog with more to come! www.al-qaaydehfamily.blogspot.com

Sharifa Ramaileh

Luke & Kimmy Veigel said...

Luke and Kim Veigel


thehaucks said...

Steve and Melené Hauck


Melené Barnes

Luke & Kimmy said...

We have decided to change our blog address to lukeandkimmy.blogspot.com, so if you are linked please change it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
-luke veigel

The Miller Family said...


Rebekah Miller

The Miller Family said...

Sorry, my maiden name in Rebekah Youngs, not Miller...whoops.

Joe and Dawn said...

Dawn Poppe-Hansen

Great Idea!!!


Kristi Pay Thompson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Thompson Family said...

This is a great idea!


Kristi (Pay) Thompson

Austin & Rachael said...

Rachael Bowen

Andrew said...

Andrew and Kathryn Ariotti


Andrew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Shelley Asmus

Dalton Family said...

Alissa (Weiss) Dalton


Moon Family said...


Jennifer Olson

Nat-n-Kel said...

So, we decided to combine efforts and join in on the blogger good times to see what everyone has been up to...

-Natalie Jeppson
-Kelly Nelson


Wayne said...

Wayne Riggs


Thanks! This is a great idea! :)

The Lusk Family said...

Great idea!


Amber Sorenson

Poulton Family said...

I am so happy I found this!


Ally Clegg

Poulton Family said...

I am so happy I found this!


Ally Clegg

Paul said...

Paul Challis


Evensen Family said...

How fun to see what everyone has been up to.


Lindsay Fisher

Wade and Heather said...

Heather Van Hulten

Dave and Kristen Geurts said...

Dave Geurts

Beth said...

I've only been able to get in contact with a few people so this is great!!


Beth (Titensor) Hill

Brey Hillary and Baby Leila said...

Brey Avery

Anonymous said...

Mark Davis


Kauti Nicholls said...

Kauti On



Ben and Stacy Hoeksel said...

Hi There;
Thought we'd join in.....

Ben and Stacy Hoeksel


Katie-babe said...

This is an awsome idea!!!


Katie Oakes

Katie-babe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deez said...

Derek Andersen


Marianne said...

Hey guys this is a super great idea. If you need any help at all with the reunion just let me know. I'd love to help out anyway that I can.

My blog address is: www.ericandmariannecv.blogspot.com

-Marianne Webb Sevy :)

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